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Bulk yard waste information

Name: Jer­ry Jasper

Here is my post for the Wall of Something:

Each res­i­den­tial unit in the City of Venice is allowed two, 20-yard col­lec­tions of bulk yard waste per fis­cal year. Yard waste should be in one pile, with­in 6 feet of the curb, and not under pow­er lines or tree limbs.

The pile should not be spread out. Taller is bet­ter than wider. Limbs and branch­es in the pile should not exceed 10 feet in length.

Appoint­ments for pick­up should be made before the pile is placed curb­side. Please call the City Pub­lic Works Depart­ment 941–486‑2422 for an appointment.

I would like to recommend Nancy’s Concierge Services.

Name: Albert Vibonese

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I would like to rec­om­mend Nan­cy’s Concierge Ser­vices. She has a great team to pro­vide: Home Man­age­ment, Clean­ing, pow­er wash­ing pool cages, dri­ve­ways, Lanai & side­walks, trans­porta­tion to local air­ports, par­ty plan­ning, home orga­ni­za­tion, handy­man and per­son­al assisting.
They are a safe one stop shop for your home needs. Ask her about the free gift. I got one and love it! 941–445‑0319 (text or call) .

I would like to recommend Sweeney Cleaning Company

Name: Sheila Zarel­la

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I would like to rec­om­mend Sweeney Clean­ing Com­pa­ny — they did a supe­ri­or job clean­ing, tint­ing and seal­ing my ceram­ic tile floors/grout. I couldn’t be hap­pi­er, as it looks like I have new floors. They can be reached at 941–921‑5565 or look them up online at http://www.sweeneycleaning.net
Sheila Zarella

✈Airport Transportation at Discounted Prices

Name:  Phil Occhino

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Air­port Trans­porta­tion at Dis­count­ed Prices

🚗Rides for Venet­ian Res­i­dents to Tam­pa, Clear­wa­ter, Ft Myers, Pun­ta Gor­da and Sara­so­ta Airports✈

Two Venet­ian res­i­dents, both reli­able dri­vers with many hours of expe­ri­ence (no acci­dents or tick­ets). For a safe and pleas­ant ride with free WiFi to or from one of these air­ports call or email us.

Dur­ing this pan­dem­ic, we are san­i­tiz­ing the car before every trip. We will be wear­ing masks and also need all rid­ers to wear masks. Sor­ry if this is a bur­den but we all need to be safe.

Beth Musel­la (518) 421‑0594 & Phil Occhi­no (518) 852‑9561

City of Venice solid waste collection update 4/6

Name: Jer­ry Joseph Jasper

Here is my post for the Wall of Something:
City of Venice sol­id waste col­lec­tion update 4/6

The City of Venice is work­ing hard to pro­tect our com­mu­ni­ty. Cur­rent­ly, all garbage, recy­cling and yard waste col­lec­tion will con­tin­ue as usu­al; how­ev­er, we want to noti­fy our res­i­dents of sev­er­al impor­tant pre­cau­tions which will begin on Mon­day, April 6:

· All res­i­den­tial garbage and recy­cling must be placed inside the cor­rect auto­mat­ed cart for col­lec­tion. For the safe­ty of our staff, noth­ing placed out­side of the cart will be col­lect­ed at this time.

· If you have addi­tion­al garbage or items that will not fit in the cart, please save it for your next reg­u­lar­ly sched­uled pick­up day, or con­tact Pub­lic Works to sched­ule a bulk col­lec­tion. Bulk garbage and bulk yard waste will con­tin­ue to be col­lect­ed and must be sched­uled by con­tact­ing the Pub­lic Works office at 941–486‑2422.

· City of Venice res­i­dents will con­tin­ue to receive once week­ly col­lec­tion of pre­pared yard waste. You may use garbage cans, or bags (any col­or or type) to pack­age your yard waste. Your yard waste may also be tied up in bun­dles as long as they are not longer than 4 feet and do not weigh more than 40lbs. As long as your yard waste is pre­pared in this way there is no lim­it to how many bags, cans or bun­dles you put out.

· Card­board box­es should be bro­ken down flat and placed into the blue recy­cling cart for col­lec­tion. For card­board that will not fit inside a recy­cling cart, pub­lic dump­sters for card­board will be placed at the fol­low­ing two locations:

1. The Venice Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­ter, 300 S. Nokomis Ave., with­in the south­ern park­ing area.

2. The inter­sec­tion of Pine­brook Rd. and Lucaya Ave., to the east of Pine­brook Rd. near the cro­quet field entrance.

· If your col­lec­tion should get missed for some rea­son, please con­tact the Pub­lic Works office and staff will sched­ule a return trip with­in 24 hours.

Please con­tact Pub­lic Works at 941–486‑2422 for any oth­er sol­id waste or recy­cling ques­tions. We tru­ly appre­ci­ate your coop­er­a­tion and assis­tance dur­ing this chal­leng­ing time.

I’m also available to run errands for those that can not get out because of health issues during this unprecedented Health emergency

Name: Bill Hen­dricks Noble Home Watch

Here is my post for the Wall of Something:
I’m also avail­able to run errands for those that can not get out because of health issues dur­ing this unprece­dent­ed Health emer­gency. Sharon, if you have an errand you can’t get to let me know and I’ll try to fill in.. FREE of CHARGE Every­one stick togeth­er.. Feed your Faith not your fears .… We will get through this..
my mobile is 609–206‑9108 or you can email me at

I recommend B&C Pavers

Name: Tami Timperio

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B&C Pavers. If you need any­thing rel­a­tive to paver or traver­tine repair or even a new project, please don’t hes­i­tate to con­tact Blake at B&C Pavers at 941–914‑7731. I had a very minor re-lev­­el of traver­tine and was hav­ing a hard time get­ting any­one to han­dle and could not get the traver­tine up myself with­out issues. He was very pro­fes­sion­al, kept in touch and com­plet­ed the repair in a time­ly fash­ion. They can han­dle any job small or large.


Name: Geof­frey DeYoung

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Be a Guest at your own Party! with Hosted Gourmet

Name: Michael Wen­droff

Here is my post for the Wall of Something:
Went to a par­ty that had catered h’ors d’ oeu­vres which were fan­tas­tic!
It was catered by “Host­ed Gourmet.” (941) 323‑9898. www.hostedgourmet.com