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The WALL of SOMETHING serves as an elec­tron­ic bul­letin board for Venet­ian residents.

The web site is open to all res­i­dents. The web site is fund­ed and sup­port­ed by the VGRC Com­mu­ni­ty Asso­ci­a­tion and its members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Post

On the Wall of Some­thing you CAN post:

  • Some­thing You Want to Purchase
  • Some­thing You Want to Bor­row such as a walk­er or baby stroller
  • Some­thing You Want To Find such as a car­pen­ter, roofer, pet sit­ter or a reli­able com­pa­ny that will ship your car. etc
  • Some­thing You Want to Orga­nize such as a com­mon inter­est club like gene­ol­o­gy or a book club
  • Some­thing You Want to Rent at the Venetian
  • Some­thing You Want to Cheer About such as the great ser­vice you received at Wilde Hon­da or the prime rib at a par­tic­u­lar restaurant
  • Some­thing You Want to Announce and Broadcast
  • Some­thing You Want to Sell such as your bike, a piece of fur­ni­ture or golf clubs
  • Some­thing Else?

Is there any­thing I can­not Post 

  • Some­thing polit­i­cal such as sup­port for a polit­i­cal can­di­date or issue.
  • Some­thing neg­a­tive or caus­tic such as the bad meal you had at a restaurant.
  • Some­thing that touch­es the area of reli­gion, race, gen­der or eth­nic background.
  • Some­thing for sale such as piece of prop­er­ty or item that is not locat­ed at the Venetian

How do I con­tact an indi­vid­ual who posts something?

Each post­ing should have the individual’s name, email and/or phone.

Can I post in behalf of a com­pa­ny I work for?

The short answer is no but you can post as an indi­vid­ual. For exam­ple, you make and sell jew­el­ry. Yes, you can post it. You work for the ABC Jew­el­ry Com­pa­ny and want to post it under the name of ABC Jew­el­ry. No, you can­not post it. The same for the sale of one’s house when rep­re­sent­ed by a real estate com­pa­ny. No, you can­not post it under the name of the real estate com­pa­ny, but remem­ber, you can always post some­thing as an individual.

How long will my post­ing remain on the wall of something?

All post­ings are auto­mat­i­cal­ly removed after 30 days. We under­stand that some users may wish to have their post­ing removed soon­er. At the present time, how­ev­er, we are unable to delete indi­vid­ual post­ings pri­or to 30 days. Thanks for your understanding.


The VGRC Com­mu­ni­ty Asso­ci­a­tion reserves the right to add, delete, and/or mod­i­fy any post­ing at any time. Our pur­pose is to keep the WALL upbeat, of inter­est to res­i­dents, a ser­vice of res­i­dent but not as a sound­ing WALL that may be con­strued as neg­a­tive or controversial.

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