Yes, I still clean Tankless Water Heaters. If your Tankless Water Heater hasn’t been cleaned in a year or longer, it’s probably time to schedule a cleaning.

Name: John Thack­ray

Here is my post for the Wall of Something:

Yes, I still clean Tan­k­less Water Heaters. If your Tan­k­less Water Heater has­n’t been cleaned in a year or longer, it’s prob­a­bly time to sched­ule a cleaning.
I’ve per­formed this pro­ce­dure over 200 times here in the VGRC, which helps the heater oper­ate effi­cient­ly and pro­longs its life.
So if your Tan­k­less Water Heater is in need of a clean­ing, just give me a call or send me an email and we’ll set up a date to get the job done.
John Thackray

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